Meet our Staff:

 Rev. Rob Goerzen, Lead Pastor

Pastor Rob and his wife, Danelle, have been happily married since 1986. They have two adult children, Caleb and Suzannah. Rob was the Associate Pastor for twelve years before becoming the Lead Pastor in 2010.

Rob loves music and he plays guitar, banjo, and harmonica in the church's worship band, The Gathering. Music is a big part of Pastor Rob's life. In addition, Rob and Danelle are genuine Disneyland fanatics and go there as often as they can. They even celebrated their 25th Anniversary there and celebrated their 30th Anniversary at Disneyland Paris!


Pastor Rob is bi-vocational and during the week he is also a hospital administrator in Marin.

Rob has a tremendous burden for the lost among us. He has organized many outreach events as well as having served on short-term missions trips to Mongolia and Mali, West Africa. Rob has his degree in Counseling Psychology and he provides pastoral counseling in all areas including substance abuse, sexual addictions, depression, anxiety and pre-engagement, marriage & family issues.

Pastor Rob loves to preach from a life application standpoint. He sees the Word of God as being our instruction book for life. His wife, Danelle is his partner in ministryand is an accomplished artist as well as a classically trained pianist. Danelle works as a Director of Activities in an upscale senior residence in San Francisco. Danelle also plays keyboards with The Gathering.   





 Kim Presti, Assistant Pastor

Pastor Kim and his wife, Linda have two sons, Justin and Shane. Kim has lived in the Sonoma Valley for most of his life. He has also lived in Italy, Hawaii and Morocco. Kim recently took the Youth Group through the book, "Do Hard Things: A Teenage Rebellion Against Low Expectations" by Brett and Alex Harris. As a result, The Gathering ministry, outreach concerts in the Plaza, and a new Youth Group have resulted. He is bi-vocational and works in construction during the week.

Kim loves to preach from an evangelistic standpoint and feels the Great Commission found in Matthew 28 is a call everyone must answer.

Linda studied at the Berklee School of Music, plays bass guitar in The Gathering and is an early childhood education professional. Linda has planned and organized many of the past Grad Nites at Sonoma Valley High School.


 Preaching Staff:

Rev. Rob Goerzen, Lead Pastor

Kim Presti, Assistant Pastor


Head Elder: Kim Presti


Lauren Anderson

Larry Frakes

Kim Presti


Head Deacon: Larry Frakes    


Stan Gardner   Kurt Heffernan 

Ron McCune     Kim Presti       Richard Trawicki


Head Deaconess: Barbara Frakes


Vilma Basada       Michele Boblitt           

Tayler Cesario      Vivian Dunaway    

Danelle Goerzen   Alyssa Burns        

Linda Presti          Sybil Russell   

Alora Preuss        Barbara McCune   

Janet Hanrahan     Peggy Burke                                            


Member-at-Large: Linda Presti

Education Director: Barbara Frakes

Church Board Secretary: Barbara McCune

Church Treasurer: Vivian Dunaway    

Community Outreach/Nursery: Janet Hanrahan   

The Gathering Ministry Team:

Michele Boblitt         Justin Burns     Bryan Martinez                    

Tayler Cesario         Alyssa Burns     Will Cotter

Danelle Goerzen      Rob Goerzen     Stephen Jordan

Kim Presti               Linda Presti       Monique Hargrave